Mr. Akash Saxena is the Director of Topshield Group.

“When people know their roles, they act more efficiently and efficiency gives us an edge over our competitors. We want the best for our clients because their success is our success. A powerful teamwork is the remedy to everything.”

Why need investigation?

Marriages these days are constantly on the rocks because of many reasons that you get to know after tying the knot to the other person, that you need to know before giving a go ahead.

Know our expertise

We have expertise in finding out the truth of any kind, whether it’s a personal investigation, pre matrimonial search, post matrimonial findings, etc

Tips for a healthy relation

A healthy relation is built on the foundation of trust, loyalty and transparency. If you want to keep your relationship going on the greatest levels, speak up.

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What our client says

Our endeavor is to help you with worthy information that will put an end to your worries.